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~  Our 32nd Season  ~

• Minnesota Birding Weekends ~ 2017-18 Season

Minnesota Birding Weeks & Weekends (MBW) enters its 32nd season and offers unique, modestly priced in-state birding weekends in association with the Minnesota Ornithologists’ Union (MBWeekends originated in 1986 as MOU Birding Weekends). We have now had more than 8,600 MBW registrations, a total of 389 MBWeekends since 1986, and a composite list of 363 species that we have seen in Minnesota.

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and previous summaries of the 2017-18 MBWeekends.

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• Minnesota Birding Weeks ~ 2017-18 Season

In addition to our MBWeekends, this season’s schedule of out-of-state MBWeeks (there have been 100 of them since 1988, with 708 species on our composite list! ) includes Southern California (twice), Newfoundland & Nova Scotia, Washington & British Columbia, and South Texas. And be sure to note the modest cost of MBWeeks – typically less than half the price of similar trips offered by other tour companies.

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and previous summaries of the 2017-18 MBWeeks.

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This MBWbirds website also includes...

• A Birder’s Guide to Minnesota updates

Corrections and additions to the 4th edition of A Birder's Guide to Minnesota (revised 2002; now out-of-print) are published here periodically as needed. These updates are to provide those who use this basic reference to Minnesota's birding locations with the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

~ Most recent update March 2017 ~

• Birding by Hindsight

This series of 70 bird identification articles included an installment in every issue of The Loon, journal of the Minnesota Ornithologists’ Union, from 1995 to 2012.

~ Most recent (and final) article in Spring 2012 issue of The Loon ~

• Minnesota Sewage Ponds

Municipal sewage ponds (also known as sewage lagoons, settling ponds, wastewater treatment ponds, etc.) are often productive birding sites. Accordingly, a checklist of Minnesota’s 376 known sewage ponds is included here.

~ Most recent update May 2017 ~

• MBW checklists & quizzes

Included here are checklists with the 363 species recorded on MBWeekends and the 708 species found on MBWeeks & MBWeekends combined. In addition, two quizzes are presented to enhance your knowledge of the 30-year history of MBWs and of 30 idioms often heard on MBWs.

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For additional information, contact Kim R. Eckert at eckertkr@gmail.com  or 218 349 5953. Also available are  GUIDING SERVICES  for those interested in a personal or group tour in Minnesota or other states and provinces in the U.S. and Canada. ....And finally, what would any self-respecting website be without the obligatory BLOG !?


~  MAY 31, 2017  ~

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• Summaries of the most recent MBWs: the S. California MBWeek (with

  several additional photos), and the Fillmore Co. - Southeast Minnesota

  and Watonwan-Cottonwood-Murray MBWeekends.

• The current registration status for all MBWs remaining on the 2017-18

  schedule, along with their complete descriptions and summaries from

  previous years.

• An updated checklist of Minnesota's sewage ponds.

• Also note that a print edition of the "Birding By Hindsight" series of articles

  has now been published; see http://www.birdnerdz.net. (A portion of the

  proceeds from sales are donated to Friends of Sax-Zim Bog.

Great Gray Owl

Duluth MBWeekend

January 2017

(Neil Wingert photo)

Laysan Albatross

Washington - B.C. MBWeek

September 2016